Frìtoƚe col Zabajón…Frìtoƚe with Zabaione cream

Frìtoƚe are traditional Venetian (from Veneto, the region) pastries served only during Carnival. They are kind of round, yeast-risen fried pastries, with or without fillings. When I was a child, they were cheap pastries that were made during the Carnival period, together with Gaƚani and Crocantini which were also fried using lard. The dough how... Continue Reading →


Unexpected guests for dinner….

Since a few months, I have been doing mystery shopping in hotels, resorts and of course in their restaurants, therefore there is plenty of extremely well prepared food to taste....... but unfortunately sometimes this is really not the case. However I am not here to discuss these cases, but to tell you what I do... Continue Reading →


Many of you are probably not aware that this delicious dessert known worldwide as Tiramisù didn't exist until the '70 of the last century. You wonder how could this be possible because you imagine that this popular dessert was part of the Italian culinary traditions since Adam&Eve? You got it all Wrong!!! Of course among... Continue Reading →

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